Flu shot or not?

To get the flu shot or not to get the flu shot, that is the question. Well, it is no secret that most conventional medicine doctors will tell you getting your flu shot every year is the best way to prevent from getting the flu. However, the amount of actual scientific evidence that back this is slim. In fact, there is medical literature out there that suggests Vitamin D is a more effective course of action in preventing the flu.

Dr. John Cannell was one of the first people to bring about the idea that Vitamin D deficiency may be what causes the flu in people. Following his idea on this matter, the largest representative study to date discovered that those with the lowest levels of Vitamin D did in fact report more colds and/or cases of the flu. Recently, a scientific study of 25 controlled trials confirmed that Vitamin D supplementation boosts immunity and cuts rates of cold and flu. This study included 11,000 individuals from more than a dozen countries.

The researchers from this study believe, like Cannell, that Vitamin D offers protection by increasing peptides in your lungs, and that “This may be one reason why colds and flus are most common in the winter when sunlight exposure (and the body’s natural Vitamin D production) is at its lowest.” This is why we believe that optimizing your Vitamin D levels, along with a healthy diet to build a good immune system, is the best flu prevention strategy available.

It is also important to note that the amount of Vitamin D needed varies case by case, the dose that you would need would really depend on your current Vitamin D blood level, and the only way to know this is to get it tested at least once or twice a year. If you have a Vitamin D deficiency it could also lead to more problems than just a cold or the flu. Vitamin D deficiency has also been shown to lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, autoimmune disease and other chronic issues. So, to sum it up, maintaining your Vitamin D levels year-round could very easily be the simplest and most efficient way to keep yourself safe from chronic diseases and infections!

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