Doctor's Nutrition knows the importance of monitoring health status and associated lab work. Insurance companies seldom pay for frequent testing; therefore most doctors are reluctant to order these tests for you. Don't hold this against your doctor as he or she is simply living within the confines of guidelines, established by insurance companies.

Doctor's Nutrition offers medical lab services in or near your hometown.  We use one of the largest lab providers in the nation, so there is no need for expensive office visits and long waits. Lab services are not available in the following states: Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Now you can effectively monitor your own health status, check your cholesterol, thyroid function, liver function, etc., anytime you want, and at a very reasonable cost. You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that your blood draws for the lab work are performed by highly skilled and licensed nurse or phlebotomist.

As part of the service, you receive a face to face or telephone consultation (if you are not local) with one of the doctors (D.C.), who will explain the results.  Consults take place Monday through Friday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, CST.  You will also receive a copy of your results and recommendations for specific nutritional and health needs that you may have.  If there is something that needs further investigation, we make sure you know where to go next.