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Doctor’s Nutrition is unique because we provide FREE consultation with a doctor. Low cost lab testing helps diagnose and monitor concerns and determine treatments. The focus is YOUR individualized, nutritional plan for being healthy.


YOUR steps to an individualized, nutritional plan

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    Complete your online health form

    A doctor then contacts you to schedule FREE consult.

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    Complete selected lab testing

    Based upon YOUR needs. Testing can be ordered in most states.

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    A doctor analyzes YOUR results

    And then contacts you.

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    Choose YOUR nutritional supplements

    Shop our online store.

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Yahoo Review


For years I suffered with stomach/digestive problems. After visiting with the good doctors, I take no medication and feel wonderful taking Pure Digestive Enzymes and Flora B50. Very professional and great to work with. 

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Marsha G.

After having blood work done, the doctor met with me and recommended a plan for me. I have followed it for months and have used the online ordering with great satisfaction. When I message or call them they are courteous and helpful. So glad I found them! I feel so much better!
Google Review

Miranda H.

After researching online, I found Doctors Nutrition. This may sound dramatic, but they have changed my life. I did blood work, they sat w/ me (for an hour) and explained the findings. I had thyroid, hormone imbalances and some vitamin deficiencies. 

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