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Doctor’s Nutrition is unique because we provide FREE consultation with a doctor (D.C.). Low cost lab testing helps diagnose and monitor concerns and determine treatments. The focus is YOUR individualized, nutritional plan for being healthy.


YOUR steps to an individualized, nutritional plan

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    Complete your online health form

    A doctor (D.C.) then contacts you to schedule FREE consult.

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    Complete selected lab testing

    Based upon YOUR needs. Testing can be ordered in most states.

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    A doctor (D.C.) analyzes YOUR results

    And then contacts you.

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    Choose YOUR nutritional supplements

    Shop our online store.

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I highly recommend stopping here. I was in town from DFW visiting my brother and sadly I had a sinus infection. Day 2 of my suffering we just so happened to pass by here and I had to stop. Finding a knowledgeable person in supplements to that extent is very hard to find. If you do find one, they’re so expensive. When I walked in, I knew right off the bat they were exactly what I needed. The doctor on staff that day was just as knowledgeable as my doctor back home and the prices were very reasonable! Told him what I had going on, what I was currently taking and he knew exactly what to have me take. I had some relief within hours. The next day I was able to finally enjoy my trip! I’m back home and at 100% again! Thank you so much for being my saving grace on my trip!!

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Doctors Nutrition has been life changing for my husband and I! The doctors are amazing. They are extremely thorough when assisting their customers with questions and concerns. They take their time to efficiently diagnose the core issue. Will forever be a customer!
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This place is amazing!! I started having really bad anxiety, out of nowhere. I had just been on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I went in to have bloodwork done and let them know my issues. Turns out, I had some vitamin deficiencies and also had Candida overgrowth from all of the antibiotics, along with not taking enough probiotics. These people saved my life!! I have been on antifungal essentials, cortisol soothe, some vitamins, and large doses of probiotics for a couple months now. I am like a new person. I feel amazing!! Turns out, I don't even need the anxiety medication my primary doctor prescribed me. Thank you Doctor's Nutrition!!

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