Thermogenic Weight Management (60 Capsules)

Fat burning, appetite control with aXivite® and Adiposano®.



Thermogenic Weight Management from Omne Diem™ combines our exclusive Adiposano® complex with innovative aXivite® phenylcapsaicin, a natural capsaicin analog shown to be safer, more effective and better tolerated than conventional chili pepper extracts.*

Adiposano® is a patented, unique glycosaminoglycan (GAG) complex rich in hyaluronic acid designed specifically to promote adipokine homeostasis and support the reduction of white adipose tissue.*

aXivite® (phenylcapsaicin) is a new proprietary analog of capsaicin. aXivite displays higher activity as a TRPV1-agonist (capsaicin receptor) vs natural capsaicin extracts and is delivered at minimum 98% purity versus the relative low concentration (USP standard of 8%) and purity of conventional capsaicinoid extracts, which carry other capsaicin analogs and significant impurities.* 

This exclusive, clinical-grade combination is available only from Omne Diem™ and can’t be found in any other dietary supplement.

Suggested Use: Take two capsules in the morning.

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