Nitric Oxide Ultra (120 capsules)

Supports blood flow and vascular health, including nitric oxide production.



Nitric Oxide Ultra (capsules) offers a unique clinically researched blend of cranberry and grape seed extracts combined with citrulline to support blood flow and vascular health, including nitric oxide production, blood flow, and endothelial function.*

Uses For Nitric Oxide Ultra (capsules)
Healthy blood flow: Nitric Oxide Ultra (capsules) offers a blend of CranLoad™ and citrulline to support healthy blood flow by targeting nitric oxide production and flow-mediated dilation. The formula centers around CranLoad™, a novel fruit blend developed as part of an extensive research program with the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) and Université Laval in Quebec, Canada. CranLoad™ delivers a unique cranberry and grape seed blend that has been the subject of several trials. Cranberries and grapes are particularly generous sources of proanthocyanidins and polyphenols. In addition to being powerful antioxidants, these compounds offer specific vascular support mechanisms that are associated with enhanced endothelial function. Research indicates that CranLoad™ provides statistically significant support for healthy flow-mediated dilation (FMD), an effect similar to arginine administration. FMD reflects blood vessel dilation mediated by nitric oxide synthase (NOS), an enzyme that generates the endogenous vasodilator, nitric oxide. In a pilot study, CranLoad™ supplementation increased FMD within 30 minutes and remained elevated for 2 hours. The peak increase in brachial artery diameter following consumption of the CranLoad™ beverage was 2.8% at 60 minutes. A similar physiological effect has been demonstrated with arginine in which supplemental arginine at doses ranging from 3–21 g increased FMD on average 1.98%. Citrulline is included to support nitric oxide production by NOS in the blood vessel endothelium and other tissues. Research indicates that citrulline increases plasma arginine in a dose dependent manner and to a greater degree than arginine supplementation. Unlike arginine, citrulline is not metabolized before it reaches systemic circulation.

Athletic Recovery: In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, pilot study, the effects of pre-exercise CranLoad™ administration was investigated in high-profile athletes. The athletes performed a 3 km stationary cycling time trial after consuming either CranLoad™ or a placebo. Results of the pilot study show a significant decrease in blood lactate in those athletes consuming CranLoad™ compared to placebo (Figure 2). This study supports the concept that CranLoad™ enhances blood flow and is associated with enhanced lactate clearance during high-intensity exercise. This outcome suggests enhanced recovery.*

Are There Any Potential Drug Interactions?
Cranberry and grape seed may be contra-indicated with blood thinning medications. Consult your health care professional for more information.

Recommended Dosage: 2–4 capsules daily, in divided doses, between meals.

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