Herbal Water Balance (50 Vegetable Capsules)

Proprietary herbal blend for support of fluid balance in the body.



Herbal Water Balance was developed to support the body’s ability to relieve temporary water weight gain associated with the menstrual cycle, excessive sodium (vs potassium) intake or difficulty in passing urine due to prostate enlargement.

Proprietary Blend……………………430 mg

Couch grass (root), buchu leaf extract, hydrangea (root), corn (silk), juniper (berry), burdock (root), uva ursi leaf extract, ginger (root), parsley (leaf), marshmallow (root).
*Daily Value not established.
Other ingredients: hydroxpropyl methylcellulose, rice flour, vegetable lubricant.

Product Details:

  • Contains ingredients that are 100% natural
  • Provides support your body needs for healthy fluid balance
  • Also provides support for the relief of water retention and water weight gain
  • Made in the USA
  • GMP quality assured

Each batch of Herbal Water Balance from Progressive Laboratories is made without any sugar, wheat, soy, yeast, or artificial preservatives or coloring. It comes in a vegetable capsule form that is easy for adults of all ages to swallow

One vegetable capsule with a meal or more as directed by a health care professional.

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