Finest Pure Fish Oil (200ML) Orange Flavor

Finest Pure Fish Oil contains the finest quality, high concentration EPA and DHA pharmaceutical grade fish oil but has virtually no NO FISH OIL ODOR OR TASTE.



Just as importantly, there are no detectable levels of mercury and other heavy metals – and PAHs and PCBs are in compliance with the strictest European and North American standards. It is flavored with essential oil of orange and provides a pleasant way of takin physiologically meaningful levels of EPA and DHA.

Features and Benefits:

  • Purest fish oil mixed with essential oil of orange to give best tasting product available
  • A 5 ml dose gives meaningful (1.8 gram) of EPA/ DHA for optimum maintenance of health as well as reduction in risk of many diseases
  • Fish oil has been found to be profoundly beneficial in all major types of cardiovascular diseases
  • Fish oils have traditionally been used to improve mobility of joints and provide relief to stiff and achy joints
  • The importance of DHA in the development of the infant brain during pregnancy and the neonatal period is now
  • The fish oil fatty acids, EPA and DHA, have been recently found to be heavily involved in the regulation of mood and behavior
  • Manufactured in oxygen-free environments and packed under vacuum for freshest condition

Recommended intake: One teaspoon (5ml) taken 1 – 4 times daily with a meal or as professionally directed. Take directly from the spoon.

Keep out of reach of children. Contra-indications: None known if recommended intake is followed.

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