Allergena Allergy Relief (2FL OZ) zone 5

Allergena Zone 5 is a Natural Allergy Relief  for Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.




Geographically Zoned Formula For Local Tree, Weed & Grass Allergens
• Homeopathic Sublingual Immunotherapy
• Builds a strong immune system to help fight allergies*
• Non-Drowsy, no side effects and no drug interactions*
• No GMOs and No Gluten
• Alleviates runny nose, sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure, itchy & watery eyes*
• Contains herbal drainage remedies to enhance the drainage process and remove antigen residue*
• Additional immune support provided from Echinacea*

How does Allergena Zone 5 work?
The immune system defends us against disease. When harmful substances are detected, such as pollens, the immune system creates antibodies, which destroy or neutralize allergens (i.e. pollens, dust and/or mold) that cause us to have allergic reactions. However, sometimes even our immune system is not strong enough to defend against these allergens. Allergena is a Homeopathic Sublingual Immunotherapy that reduces the body’s negative reaction to allergens. Our homeopathic allergy drops build immunity by exposing your body in micro doses to whatever it is that you are allergic to. This way, the body becomes safely conditioned to tolerate the allergens that previously brought on allergic reactions, and ultimately reduce allergic symptoms. Below are a few definitions to give you a better idea of how Allergena works:
• Sublingual: Underneath the tongue.
•  Immunotherapy: Treatment to stimulate or restore the ability of the immune (defense) system to fight infection and disease.

What does “Geographically Zoned” mean?
Trees in the Southwest are different from trees on the East Coast. That’s why native trees, weeds and grasses from across the US have been grouped into 9 unique “zones”. These zones ensure your body builds immunity to the specific allergens that make you miserable.

How long before Allergena begins “working”?
Some users experience relief within hours. Others realize a reduction of symptoms between one to eight weeks.

How long should I continue to take Allergena?
Frequent administration of Allergena is essential to building immunity. Recommended dosage for adults is 10-15 drops under the tongue, 3 times daily. Children (age 2-12), 6-10 drops under the tongue, 3 times daily, before or after meals. Allow drops to be absorbed orally, then swallow. Acute allergy attack: Administer 5-8 drops per hour, in addition to 3 times daily.

Severe and long-term allergy sufferers?
Pre-Season: Begin Allergena one to two weeks before the allergy season at a recommended dosage of 6 drops under the tongue, 3 times daily. During Allergy Season: Increase to your recommended dosage.
Post-Season: For best results, reduce your recommended dosage to 5-8 drops under the tongue once daily for the two weeks following the allergy season.

Are there any side effects?
There are no known side effects. For extreme sufferers, heightened allergic reaction may occur following administration of Allergena. Do not be alarmed at this response. If you experience a headache after taking Allergena decrease dose to a tolerable level. Then increase dose slowly over a period of two weeks.

Can I take Allergena with other medications?
Yes. There are no known adverse drug interactions.

**DISCLAIMER: Local allergens listed are immunologically reactive with the standard homeopathic antigen formulation used in this and other Allergena products

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