Smarty Pants Kids Complete & Fiber (120 Gummies)

Veggies are awesome. So are beans. So are all the foods in our diet that provide soluble fiber. But for kids, these foods are sometimes, well, less awesome. That’s why we make a delicious gummy with a multivitamin, omega 3 fish oil, & soluble fiber. Non-GMO and allergen-free. No bribes required!


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For children 3 years of age and older, take four
(4) gummies daily. May be taken with or without food. Chew
each gummy thoroughly.

Each Serving Includes

  • Sustainably-sourced omega-3 fish oil in the optimal blend of EPA & DHA (aka the “good” fats).

  • Prebiotic fiber to help your child’s digestive system and immune system stay healthy. (4 g)

  • Vitamin D3, our body’s preferred form of vitamin D, to help your child build strong bones and teeth.

  • Folate (in the optimum form Methylfolate) to help your little one’s growing body convert food into energy.

  • Methylcobalamin, the superior form of B12, for your child’s immunity and energy production.


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