Inflammatone (60 caps)

By controlling the inflammatory processes in multiple metabolic pathways, Inflammatone™ can be helpful in many situations, including osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, sports injuries, and post-operative healing. Inflammatone™ ingredients target many metabolic pathways of the inflammatory response.



Natural Support for Inflammatory Control
Inflammatone™ is a powerful formula which combines the best of science and enzyme technology for degrading fibrinolytic protein compounds produced during inflammation. Research shows that inflammation is associated with many serious disorders.

Significant inhibition of the COX-2 (cyclooxygenase) enzyme, which produces prostaglandins PG-E2 (inflammatory) and thromboxanes TX-A2 (vasoconstrictive and increases platelet aggregation). The COX-2 inhibition is achieved by turmeric, ginger, quercetin and resveratrol. The PG-E2 is also known to increase cell proliferation, which may be beneficial for normal tissue growth and wound healing but not for cancer promotion. That is why inflammation was associated in many studies with the risk of cancer development and underscores the importance of keeping inflammation under control. Additional inhibition of the expression of the COX-2 enzyme by antioxidant effects on NF-Kappa B, which is one of the regulators of the cytokine (inflammatory) response. This is achieved by the antioxidant action of turmeric, quercetin, rutin, rosemary and resveratrol. This is a preferred mechanism of inhibition because it acts upstream in the metabolic pathway by reducing oxidative stress, which can be one of the causes of inflammation. So this is a preventive action as opposed to blocking inflammation after it has started.

Inflammatone™ has a mild anti-thrombotic (blood thinning) effect which could result in increased cardiovascular risk protection, similar to that of aspirin yet without aspirin’s severe GI irritation. This blood thinning effect of Inflammatone™ is due to the following:
• mild COX-1 inhibition by ginger
• mild anti-coagulating activity of turmeric and quercetin
• fibrinolytic effect of the proteolytic enzymes, especially the Serratiopeptidase

Cancer metastasis is known to be mediated by increased platelet aggregation, so any agent that decreases it may reduce the risk of cancer proliferation.

The array of proteolytic enzymes contained in Inflammatone™ were specifically chosen to have very good activity over a very wide range of pH, this being characteristic of the stomach and intestinal environment.

How to Take:
Inflammatone™ works both on an empty stomach and with food but it has slightly different effects:
• On an empty stomach, the proteolytic enzymes are absorbed partially in the circulation and clear out immune complexes that accumulate in joints, airways, intestinal tract, and any tissue that had already started the inflammatory process. Once absorbed in the blood stream, these proteolytic enzymes have a fibrinolytic effect, thus reducing blood clot formation.
• When taken with food, the proteolytic enzymes will aid in protein digestion which is very likely to reduce the allergenic potential of certain proteins. This will prevent an inflammatory response that might result from undigested peptides like gluten, casein, egg, and soy. This will also tend to reduce the total body inflammatory load.


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